Turmeric Tea Recipes

Turmeric Tea Recipes and Ways to Include as an Everyday Beverage

Whenever we speak of new age remedies, there has been a complete swinging away from the more intense allopathic drug-based pharma solutions. More and more health experts and scientific solution seekers are looking at the pre-existing food sources as the natural means of circumnavigating what we often call as lifestyle diseases. These include obesity, hypertension, […]

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Honey in Coffee for Cold

How to Prepare Honey in Coffee for Cold/sore Throat?

Some people are hooked on to their everyday coffee high the way it is–no messing with its taste and aroma! They love its robust spirit, energy-boosting freshness, and nerve calming caffeine. This is one addiction which you would want to be left as untampered as it can get. Coffee addiction and its superb energy-boosting qualities […]

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lemon water benefits

Lemon Water Benefits for Liver, Skin & Weight Loss

Lemon water has been the cynosure of much of scientific attention as there has always been much talk about its impact on weight loss when consumed first thing in the morning with warm water and honey. The results quoted have always been surrounded by much doubt yet the excitement about lemon water never quite abated. […]

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Green Tea Metabolism

Is Green Tea Metabolism Booster? Myth or Fact

To begin with, it would be essential to understand what metabolism means. In plain scientific language, it could be the sum of all those chemical reactions in the body that happen to maintain the living status of cells. It could further be divided into catabolic  metabolism, the breakdown of molecules to get energy, and anabolic […]

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green tea skin benefits

Benefits of Green Tea for Your Skin

People in different countries worldwide consume green tea for its numerous health benefits particularly for skin care. Various studies including the one at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland show that green tea’s antioxidant property from polyphenols is the key to its skin-protective qualities. The polyphenols in green tea are mainly the type called catechins […]

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chia seeds pregnancy

Is It Good to Have Chia Seeds During Pregnancy?

One of the challenges of pregnancy is the higher demand on you, the expectant mother to provide the proper nutrition for the growing baby. Improper nutrition can deplete your body of much needed nutrients and at the same time impair the baby’s development. Eating for Two When you’re pregnant, “eating for two” is not simply […]

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Turmeric and Pregnancy

Is Turmeric Safe During Pregnancy ?

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is known for its medicinal properties since ancient time. It is often referred to as “queen of spices” because of its magical healing properties. Although this herb has capacity to cure hundred of diseases but it should be logically consumed in specific conditions like pregnancy. While turmeric may benefit females during pregnancy […]

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