Over the past few decades, the world has become overfed and undernourished. When we’re sick we look for a quick fix from a doctor and we think this will make us well again, but despite the ever increasing array of medicines available, the current population reports feeling less healthy than the generation that preceded them, and among children, obesity is the highest it’s ever been everywhere.

In the mid-twentieth century, processed food entered the standard diets of most Eastern and Western countries and has become increasingly prevalent to the point that the words “whole food” must be defined for clarification. Today’s processed foods are not only nutrient deficient because of poor soil content, but the plants that go into making them are highly sprayed, fumigated, and irradiated toxic time bombs. Life expectancies are reducing and our children are expected to live ten years less than the current adult population.
Western medicine has its place in our society. When we’re broken, we need to be stitched up, but most of us are dying from a handful of avoidable diseases. Why are we getting less healthy? It’s because we’re not addressing the issue of health at the source. Instead of applying a fix to the symptoms of our ailments, we should be reclaiming true health by eating and digesting real whole foods each and every day.

Significantly reducing the amount of processed foods you eat will go a long way in helping your body fight against heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, lower respiratory diseases, and kidney disease, among others. And while that’s reducing the risk of disease and cellular destruction that ages you, the healthy lifestyle and eating habits you add will be revitalizing, energizing and prolonging the life of your cells so you look and feel younger. In fact, measured against the standard population, you’ll be younger regardless of your age number.
With a commitment to natural healthy eating, these diseases can be prevented and potentially reversed. Relying on natural remedies for everyday needs as well as health maintenance cannot only save your health, it can help you sleep better and boost your metabolism so you’re more energetic, two things which many people today have forgotten.

The Many Health Benefits Of Ginger Tea

Uses & Benefits shows you how a little of this and a pinch of that can offer benefits well beyond their weight and size. You’ll learn how creating certain habits and routines around natural ingredients can put life back into your step, restore cognitive function, fight infection and disease, build essential systems, and restore homeostasis. It may sound like a big claim, but that’s the power of what nature provides.
So how do you do that? Eat foods as close to the way they were grown as much as possible, and specifically add fermented foods, spices and herbs, proven powerhouses for improving health across the broad spectrum of human physiology.

Your Guide to Apple Cider Diet

As consumers, we’re demanding more wholesome products, born with the integrity of the earth, but you can do more for yourself by making a personal commitment to choosing the right foods and products. And Uses & Benefits is a good place to begin learning the many ways you can do that.

So here we are. This is my little guide. Hope it helps you too, get back to the real bliss of nature.

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