Is Green Tea Acidic

Want to hear something strange? Green tea is acidic but it helps your body remain alkaline. Huh? Keep reading and I’ll explain.

Acidic or alkaline, what does it matter?

There are different pH levels in different parts of the body. For example, the stomach is very acidic while blood is slightly alkaline. Some dieters believe that it may be possible to help your body maintain the desired blood alkaline level by adjusting what you eat. They also point out that eating acidic foods makes you crave more acidic foods; and in just the same, way eating alkaline foods naturally makes you reach for more alkaline foods.

They argue that too many acidic foods can lead to lead to health issues such as kidney stones and cancer. Alkaline foods, on the other hand, are supposed to

  • download (4)help you lose weight in a healthy way
  • strengthen your bones
  • prevent kidney stones
  • improve the health of your heart
  • increase brain function
  • lessen back pain
  • decrease the risk of you developing type 2 diabetes

For these reasons, the alkaline diet has sparked the interest of health seekers and has seen a gain in popularity.

The good thing is that the foods supported by the alkaline diet are really actually good for you (even if you are not concerned about the pH of your blood). The diet recommends that you eat more fruits and vegetables, as well as drink more water daily.It also suggests that you avoid processed and refined foods while lowering your intake of animal protein.

These guidelines are supposed to create the optimal conditions for your body’s metabolic reactions.

Green tea is acidic, but …

Ginger, peppermint, rosemary and lavender are all alkaline teas and are much talked about for the good effects they have on the pH balance in the body. On the other hand, black tea and green tea, like coffee, are acidic because of the caffeine they contain.

In truth, green tea is only mildly acidic and if that doesn’t make you feel better about drinking it, then consider this. After you drink green tea, it has what is called an alkaline-forming (or alkalizing)effect on the body. This may be due to the fact that it is easily metabolized once digested. The same is also true of lemons.

pH aside, it is worth knowing that green tea has many other health benefits. For instance, it is a powerful antioxidant and can help to reduce inflammation inside the body. Along with these, green tea will also

  • improve dental health
  • reduce the risk of degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s
  • help you to relax and concentrate
  • ward off depression
  • act as an antimicrobial agent

Therefore, if you are looking to increase your intake of alkaline foods, you might also want to consider adding some naturally mildly acidic foods like green tea. They seem to change course when digested and create a health-boosting alkaline-forming effect to help your body maintain a healthy slightly alkaline blood pH level.

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