Is Green Tea Acidic ?

Who doesn’t love green tea? Everyone is replacing the traditional tea with different options, including coffee, black coffee, green tea, or herbal tea. Do you know what the reason is? Due to the premium health concerns, the traditional tea is most often replaced by green tea. Even those who are very addicted to the tea or coffee are now trying to reduce the frequency of the tea intake.

When you take the first sip of the tea, your mind is charged up. Because every tea is rich in polyphenols, your brain cells get stimulated and work more proficiently. But when it is about green tea, you’re calm and relaxed. But do you know the pH of green tea? Why is green tea recommended after meals?

Is Green Tea Acidic ?

A freshly brewed green tea is near neutral in pH value.

Note that this is for freshly brewed green tea assuming that there are no additional ingredients. When you buy ready-to-drink green tea, it usually contains additional ingredients that change its pH value.

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So you can drink freshly brewed green tea when you are in alkaline diet
Is green tea acidic?

Acid and Alkaline Balance

Whatever you eat has a reaction in your body. It depends on that whether it turns acidic or alkaline. Our body has a special system regulating and maintaining the friendly pH. If the food is below the 7.2 pH level, then it turns acidic, whereas if the food is greater than the 7.2 pH level, then it does the alkaline reactions. Your healthy blood is slight towards the alkalinity (pH level 7.3 to 7.4). But when it turns acidic, then you’re more vulnerable to illnesses and medical issues. Hence, the food with the alkaline nature should be selected.

Green Tea Is Alkaline

Luckily, green tea is alkaline in nature because it has a pH greater than 7.2. Hence, the alkalinity helps in neutralizing the disturbed acid levels in your body. The alkalinity of green tea enables the easier digestion as compared to coffee or tea. So, drinking green tea after meals makes the digestion easier and healthier.

On the contrary, coffee and tea are usually acidic in nature, meaning more caffeine, which can be difficult to digest compared to green tea. Being alkaline in nature and lesser in caffeine content, green tea is supposed to be the best option among all. Also, the steady amount of the caffeine also helps to improve your brain cell’s activity, thus enhancing your concentration.
The antioxidant richness in green tea also contributes to its alkaline nature. Because the antioxidants are higher in green tea, having a cup of green tea at least once in a day is suggested for people living with any cardiovascular disease. Also, green tea helps fight cancer cells.

What do researchers say?

In the latest studies, it is concluded that if you start your day with alkaline drink or food, you will tend to crave more for the alkaline foods, but if you’re starting your day with the acidic food, you will crave acidic food more. Go for the balanced diet option, instead of fulfilling your foodie temptations. So, what is the better option? Decide wisely. Don’t make the blind move!


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