The best curcumin supplements

If you are new to the world of herbs and supplements, you may not know what Curcumin is or you may have limited knowledge about it. If you are looking for an herbal supplement that has cancer prevention and anti-inflammatory properties, Curcumin may be the right product for you.

best curcumin supplementsClosely associated to this supplement is Turmeric. The biggest downside to the product is that it is not absorbed as easily into the body, so this means you need to make sure you choose a brand of product that maximizes absorption and will help you reap the benefits of the supplement. For example, black pepper extract.

Below, we will go over some of the best Curcumin supplements for you to choose from. It is important to pay attention to what each supplement has to offer, so you can choose the one that is right for your diet.

Supplement 1: Theracurmin

best curcumin supplementsTheracurmin is not a brand on its own and is considered a brand of ingredient. The ingredient itself contains amounts of Curcumin already built into it. The supplement contains 90 percent Curcumin and 10 percent other Curcuminoids, which can include Turmeric.

The company that produces the ingredient claims that Theracurmin is more absorbable in your body on a milligram to milligram comparison to other brands, such as those listed below. In addition, the supplement claims that the Curcumin particles are suspended in the blood and held within the system longer, which means it is more beneficial for the person taking the supplement.

Supplement 2: Longvida

best curcumin supplementsLongvida is not technically a brand itself and it is a brand of an ingredient. The product is distributed to manufacturers all over the work and is used in many Curcumin products. One of the benefits of using Longvida is that the ingredient itself contains the right amount of Curcumin already.

The makers of the ingredient claim that their data shows that Curcumin is absorbed into the body 65 times more than the Curcumin on its own. This is beneficial for those who take the product to receive the benefits.

One of the best things about Longvida is that research shows the ingredient is able to pass through the blood-brain barrier, so those patients who are looking for brain-related benefits from this product will benefit the most.

Supplement 3: BioPerine

As with the other supplements above, BioPerine is an ingredient and not a product in and of itself. The makeup of the ingredient contains 95 percent Piperine, which has been tested through US clinical trials for its efficiency and validity. The ingredient is easily absorbed into the system and there is data to back it up.

When trying to choose which supplement is best for you, you should look at the studies performed and determine what it is you want to accomplish. For example, if you are looking to achieve memory-based and brain-based benefits then you would want to choose Longvida, whereas, if you want your body to absorb as much Curcumin as possible, you would opt-in for BioPerine or even Theracurmin.

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