Is Turmeric Safe During Pregnancy ?

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is known for its medicinal properties since ancient time. It is often referred to as “queen of spices” because of its magical healing properties. Although this herb has capacity to cure hundred of diseases but it should be logically consumed in specific conditions like pregnancy.

While turmeric may benefit females during pregnancy by resolving skin problems that arises frequently due to hormonal changes, experts are of opinion that amount of turmeric intake should be closely watched. High supplementation of turmeric should be avoided if you are a pregnant or nursing female, as it may interfere with certain body functions leading to complications for mother as well as child.

DO’s for turmeric

Topical use of turmeric over skin in pregnancy is a big YES. Skin conditions changes indifferently in all women due to hormonal changes.  For some women pregnancy may offer extra glowing skin while for others it brought hopeless skin rashes or acne. Since oral intake of medicinal doses of turmeric is not recommended by doctors, its topical application is highly safe and effective to get rid of acne. Apply a mixture of turmeric and honey on the affected area to sooth the pain and reduce inflamed skin. Regular application will remove the acne and will give you a clear pimple free skin.

Spa concept. Portrait of a cute woman with wadded disk over gray background. Looking at cameraSimilarly, if you are facing pigmentation during pregnancy, try this herbal remedy using turmeric. Extract fresh cucumber juice and add it with equal amount of lime juice. In this, add enough fresh turmeric powder to make a smooth paste. Apply this on the dark patches and leave it for 20-30 minutes. Rinse off using plain water. Regular application of this paste is known to reduce melanin production giving a light complexion.

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In Indian kitchen using turmeric in foods is compulsory. This minimal amount of turmeric consumption is completely safe for consumption during pregnancy and is known to boost immunity both of expecting mother and fetus inside the womb.

DON’Ts for turmeric

It is said that consuming high doses of turmeric during early pregnancy may stimulate the uterine muscles to contract and then causing bleeding like menstrual period. In last trimester of pregnancy taking too much turmeric orally may induce preterm labor or threatened abortion. This situation could be life threatening for mother also. However, using turmeric as spice in curry is considered completely safe.

Turmeric and PregnancyTurmeric should be avoided by pregnant mothers who have bleeding tendency. Turmeric has been found to inhibit the aggregation of platelet as well as the production of clotting factor by liver cells thereby increasing the risk of bleeding. Avoid the high consumption of turmeric if you have genetic error of clotting. If a surgical labor is planned than stop taking turmeric supplement as it may slow down the normal clotting time leading to delayed wound healing.

Consuming turmeric in milk or as tablet may cause irritation in respiratory infection leading to nausea and diarrhea. It is strictly advised not to take turmeric in large dose as it may lead to unpleasant situation.

So, all we can say that consuming turmeric in limited amount is good for your pregnancy but avoid large dose.

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