Is lemon water good for you

Looking for an inexpensive way to detoxify your system, aid digestion and to get a glowing clear skin within your home premises, try lemon water. Drinking water infused with lemon keeps your metabolism whining. This tangy drink with loads of vitamin C offers an array of benefits which soft drinks did not possess. So adopt this sour healthy drink with lesser calories as we will give you enough reasons for this.

Per 100 grams of lemon juice is bestowed with multiple nutrients like 46mg Vitamin C, 20IU Vitamin A, 0.2mg Vitamin E, 0.1mg Niacin, 0.1mg Vitamin B6, 13mcg folate, 7mg calcium, 6mg magnesium, 6mg phosphorus, 124mg potassium and 0.1mg zinc.

benefits of lemon

1. Boost Immunity

Lemons rich in vitamin C boost immunity and helps body to fight against common allergies and infection. It is known to stimulate enzymes to fight against several metabolic and communicable diseases.

2. Detoxification

This is the best known benefit of lemon water. Lemon water stimulates liver for enhanced bile production which facilitates the elimination of undigested food and related toxins from entire body. It is suggested to drink lemon with luke-warm water empty stomach in morning to get maximum health benefits.
lemon water in the morning

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3. Balance blood glucose levels

Lemon contains bioflavonoids which gives the fruit its yellow color. Bioflavonoids not only enhance the body antioxidant defense mechanism but also improve insulin secretion, thereby regulating blood glucose levels in case of type II diabetes. Further, its main constituent vitamin C is a natural antioxidant which also incurs significant effect over elevated sugar levels.

4. Prevent urinary tract infection

As lemon is anti bacterial and anti fungal in nature, regular consumption of lemon water early in morning detoxify your whole system and swipe out any kind of bacteria present in urinary tract. As lemon water is diuretic in nature you may feel frequent urine urge, but it is completely fine as it ensures total cleansing of your urinary tract and system.

5. Skin rejuvenation

Lemon miracle……this super fruit is rich in antioxidants that promote collagen synthesis. It also scavenges free radicals thus preventing fine lines and wrinkles. Regular consumption of lemon water cleanses the system as well as blood which reflect on your skin. Drinking lemon water daily may reduce pimples, spots and blemishes from skin leaving a clear porcelain look.

6. Helps in weight Loss

Lemon water contains pectin, a fiber that helps you to feel fuller and thus suppress appetite. However, it may cause some bloating if you drink it in morning with lukewarm water. If the bloating persists for longer duration, stop drinking lemon water.

7. Asthma treatment

Drinking lemon water is one of the best remedies for asthma treatment. As lemon is rich in vitamin C, it can fight free radicals that cause smooth muscle contraction. It also scavenges the radicals which block the air constriction.

8. Fight cancer

Bioflavonoids present in lemon may prevent some of the malignant cell progression by killing free radicals thus preventing cell oxidation.

9. Regulate blood pressure

Compounds present in lemon juice helps in fat metabolism and prevent fat deposition in arteries. Patients with high blood pressure can include lemon water in their daily routine to maintain a healthy heart.

10. Helps in constipation

Last but not the least….. Lemon with warm water helps to loosen the stool and ease motion. So drink 1 glass of lemon juice daily to get rid of constipation problem permanently.

is lemon good for you

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