Fish oil vs. krill Oil: Which is The Best?

Over the past few years, people are paying more attention towards their health. While preparing any food, cooking oil is inevitable. Since, the coconut oil and olive oil are the first priority of yours; you’re still thinking about the best supplements that you’re willing to incorporate into your daily routine. Did you ever hear that swallowing one tablespoon of the fish oil can prevent many diseases?

Despite of being high in Omega-3 fatty acids, the fish oil is also rich in arachidonic acids. Omega-3 fatty acids are very important to lead the various functions of the body in a smooth and effective manner. Due to this reason, Fish oil supplements are now becoming more common across the globe. A recent report of the National Institutes of Health revealed that the fish oil is the third most commonly used supplement in the United States, right after the vitamins and minerals. Also, at least 10% of Americans are taking the fish up on a routine basis because they believe that the fish oil will help to protect against any cardiovascular event in the future.

But what’s the major issue?

Does the fish oil really help for the prevention of the cardiac issues?

Fish oil vs. krill OilWell, all these questions have been raised when several evidences are found. From 2005- 2012, a number of the studies have been conducted, reporting that the fish oil supplements have no benefits for keeping you away from the heart diseases. In a meanwhile, the marketers and other food retailers highlighted the importance of fish oil and added the fish oil in their products to grab more consumers.

In fact, Dr. Andrew gray, Associate professor of medicine at the University of Auckland in New Zealand said that, at that time, the fish oil sale was more than double, not only in the US, yet, in the entire world. He further added, due to the major disconnection, the sales are high enough, even though, number of trials and studies showed no effects of the fish oil.

Later on, the researchers further explored and introduced the krill oil as a replacement of the fish oil. So, do you’ve an idea about the krill oil? Let’s explore!

Krill Oil- the best alternate of the fish oil

The oil from the tiny, shrimp-like animal is known as the krill oil. Krill is actually the food of the whales. People extract the oil from the krill, pack it in the capsules and use it as the medication. But, krill oil is now in the limelight because of several benefits over the fish oil. The similarity in both products is that the fish oil and krill oil both contain the omega-3 fatty acid.

Krill OilOmega-3 fatty acids are composed of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Being polyunsaturated in nature, it can leave apositive impact on your cognition, vision, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal system and of course, your dermal health.

Though, fish oil has been used for many years, but, due to the significant concerns, the krill oil is the best alternative because, it is easy to digest and absorb by the body.

Which one is best krill oil or the fish oil?

The bioavailability of the krill oil is far much better than the fish oil. Because, the krill oil contains the higher amount of the EPA and DHA, it is thought that it is a more healthy option. Another huge difference between these two oils is that the polyunsaturated fatty acids are usually packed as the phospholipids in the krill oil, whereas, in the fish oil, the polyunsaturated form is usually packaged as the triglycerides, requiring more processes in order to make them bioavailable.

Also, the krill oil is rich in the powerful antioxidant known as the astaxanthin. This antioxidant assures the protection against the excessive oxidation of the fragile fats. As a result, the free radicals won’t be released in the significant amount and your cells will remain intact and healthier. But, on the other end, the fish oil is not rich in the astaxanthin, lacking the protective effects for your cells.

The phospholipids in the krill oil are body-friendly, because, most of our body is made up of phospholipids. The phospholipids embedded in the cell membrane enable the cell membrane to become more stable and contented.

The fans of the fish oil are taking 14 standard capsules for treating the arthritis, but, the marketers’ claim that about one capsule of the krill oil is needed to manage the arthritis. Additionally, it is also reported that the krill oil is a far much safer option because; it is extracted from the less contaminated water as compared to the fish oil.

Krill oil is widely used to control the cholesterol levels, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, postmenopausal syndrome and depression. Along with reducing the signs of aging and boosting the cognitive functions, the fish oil is also capable of improving the overall health of the bone as well as the protecting you from the effects of the pollution.

The fat content of the fish oil and the krill oil also differ somehow. As the fish oil is mostly extracted from the sardines, around 80% fats are yielded. However, the krill merely yields the fat less than 5%, favoring in the rapid absorption in the body.

Nevertheless, it is also observed that some of the interaction of the krill oil and fish oil has been noted with the medications. So, it’s better to consult to the GP before placing the order of your favorite oil.

In a nutshell

To start any supplements, it’s very important to investigate about it completely. Some of the researches are in favor of the fish oil, yet, some of the researchers believe that the krill oil is the best among all. Perhaps, more research is needed to solve this controversial issue.

The bottom-line is both of the oils are effective to some extent. It’s up to your budgets and doctor’s recommendation that which oil’s supplement is best for you. So, will you consider the related information about the fish oil or krill oil before purchasing? Just think about it!,18195

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