Role of Regular Use of Fish Oil in Bodybuilding

Does fish oil act as a part of armament in body building empire???? Let’s have a look about the science and the facts behind its usage in developing muscle strength in athletes and bodybuilders !!!!!

Fish oil, the essential fatty acid are abundantly found in fatty fishes such as halibut, salmon, tuna and whitefish. Being an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids such as eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), fish oil can act as an essential nutrient for bodybuilders. However, people who eat a pretty high amount of fatty acid in their diet do not require supplements as often, therefore it is absolutely essential to know that when and in what amount the fish oil supplement should be used in-order to gain maximum benefits.

Scientists all across the globe praises fish oil for its benefits like quick healing of any injury, burning of the extra body fat, and boosting of testosterone levels to promote muscle growth. Daily supplementation of fish oil provides an extra edge to a bodybuilder by facilitating increase in strength, improve the overall performance and decrease the extra fat from the body.  Here we describe the detailed benefits of fish oil.

Boost Bone Health

One of the biggest obstacle in bodybuilding is that strenuous exercices may leave the joints stiffed and painful. Omega 3 fatty acids enriched fish oil can help in reducing the joints stiffness by maintaining the lubrications within the joints. This activity of fish oil is even helpful to common person also which do not aim for musculature body. People with increasing age as well as women entering the menopausal years may face bone erosions leading to osteoporosis. Adding a fish oil supplement may troubleshoot the problem, as according to experts adding long chain polyunsaturated fatty acid in the diet may balance the erosion of bone density and retain calcium in bones.

It is suggested to maintain the ratio of intake of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acid. Consuming too much or too little of any of this fatty acid may risk your bones.

Regulate Cholesterol Levels

Bodybuilders need a strong heart with proper blood supply as they perform strenuous weight lifting and exercises.  Adding 3-6 grams of fish oil in the diet may boost good cholesterol and maintain the healthy ratio of HDL to LDL. The supplementation of fish oil along with fresh fruits and vegetables support the heart health, thus supporting bodybuilders during vigorous workout.

Fight Depression and Anxiety

 Fish Oil and BodybuildingFish oil supplementation boosts the production of serotonin and helps in relaxation of mood after a hectic workout. The hormone serotonin is referred as “feel- good” hormone and is responsible for reducing mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. It is very much compulsory for bodybuilders to remain calm and stress free during physical activities and the fish oil serve this purpose. Daily supplementation of fish oil after a carbohydrate rich meal is recommended to get the maximum benefits.

Reduce Risk of Inflammation and Heals an Injury Quickly

The most renowned use of fish oil is for healing an injury.  Fish oil is well known for its power to reduce inflammation. Due to sternuous workout and long physical trainings, bodybuilders suffer from muscle injury or joint pain more than often. Consuming fish oil supplement is effective to reduce inflammation of the affected area and joint pain. It also reduces the muscle and joint tenderness and increases the stamina. Regular consumption of fish oil increases the overall strength of muscles and joints giving bodybuilders the strength to workout vigorously without any fatigue.

Helps in Fat Loss

Consumption of fish oil can significantly contribute in the weight loss regimen, a must for bodybuilders. Fish oil bioactive components has the tendency to accumulate in the phospholipid layers of cells thereby modifying the fat composition of these bilayers which may trigger the fat loss.

Supports Muscle Growth

Fish oil is known to stimulate the factors responsible for muscle growth for bodybuilders. The omega-3 fatty acid of fish oil while facilitates muscle protein synthesis, it slows down the protein break down process with an overall result of charismatic muscle building. Further, it also affects the overall body composition by influencing insulin and fatty acid function. These key changes in the body’s metabolic pathways direct the nutrients to move towards muscle mass rather than fats with an wholesome increase in muscle growth.

It May Increase the Secretion of Growth Hormones

Growth hormone is very crucial for bodybuilders and its increased production are known to help in the significant growth of muscles. Growth hormone is released mainly when the body is relaxed while sleeping. The essential fatty acid, omega-3 helps to produce prostaglandin E1 which in turn boost the production of growth hormone. In coordination with protein molecules these growth hormones help you to build muscles. Experts suggest that proper protein diet and adequate sleep is helpful to maximize the benefits of fish oil.

How to Use Fish Oil

 Fish Oil and BodybuildingFish oil, the combination of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is used as supplement to fulfill the need of essential fatty acids in bodybuilders and athletes. You can choose for a fish oil capsule, as it is the easiest way to get the maximum benefits.

The minimum dose required is 250 mg which is easily served by eating fish. It is recommended by the American heart association to take 1 gram of fish oil daily to maintain a healthy heart, reduce inflammation and boost hormone function. In case of injury, a 6 gram daily dose is recommended to reduce muscle soreness.

Research suggests that consuming fish oil supplement  during  intense workout is ideal. Add it to your stack to reap the maximum benefits. This will prevent any kind of muscle soreness after an intense workout.

If you do not want to encounter the unpleasant smell of fish oil, consume it just before your meal. This will buffer some of the fish odour. Consuming fish oil just before the meals also helps you to get rid of bloating caused by fish oil.

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