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Best herbs for curing inflammation fast

Inflammation is a natural process in which the body recruits cells of immune system, specifically white blood cells at the place of injury or infection to protect it from invading foreign pathogens like bacteria, fungus or virus. However, when the body defense system triggers the inflammatory pathways in the absence of foreign invasion it results […]

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Top surprising health benefits of turmeric

Turmeric often stated as “queen of spices” is one of the most powerful herbs with the goodness of all essential antioxidants and nutrients. This magical herb is extensively used in daily food in South Asian countries specifically in India from time immemorial. The golden yellow color herb of this herb was attributed to its bioactive […]

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Is Lemon Water Good For You

Top Health Benefits of Lemon Juice

When most people think of lemons they think of the sour taste that makes your mouth pucker. Some think of lemonade, but most people don’t equate lemons with being a serious contender for making us healthy. Lemons or Citrus limon are a cross between the lime and the citron, and were originally cultivated in the […]

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Chia Seeds

The Lesser Known Benefits of Chia Seeds

Salvia hispanica L., a grain commonly called chia, has remained generally unknown to most of the world as a nutritional commodity until recently. Sometimes referred to as Mexican chia, black chia, or Spanish sage, it came into public view in the U.S. with the Chia Pet, a fad that began in 1977. However, it has […]

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