Amazing benefits of garlic pills

What can treat high blood pressure, help you grow healthy beautiful hair, clear your acne and take out a splinter? If you are guessing garlic (because you read the title of this article) then you are absolutely right! People have been using garlic to flavour their food and as a natural remedy for over seven thousand years.

Let’s take a look at what makes garlic so potent and at some of the amazing benefits of garlic pills your health.
benefits of garlic

Explaining Garlic’s Power

Garlic is a bulb of the species Allium and closely related to other bulbs like onion, leek and chive. The term “head” is often used when speaking of the whole bulb and each section of the head is called a “clove”. A single head of garlic generally has between 10 and 20 cloves, with 1–3 cloves being the typical serving size.

Explaining Garlic’s PowerGarlic contains over 100 compounds that are useful for maintaining good health. Notably, it is a good source of vitamins B1, B5, B6 and C, as well as calcium,iron, manganese,phosphorous and zinc. Each of the compounds in garlic plays a vital role in body functions and some have powerful antioxidant power.

The real secret behind garlic’s potency, however, lies in the sulphur-based chemicals it contains, chief among them being allicin. This compound gives garlic its strong and distinctive smell and is responsible for its effectiveness as a remedy for certain conditions.

Garlic is used as a treatment for a plethora of conditions, many of them related to the heart and the blood. It is also used for cancer prevention and for fighting fevers, the common cold, coughs and earaches. While many of its uses are based on tradition, there is scientific evidence backing the use of garlic in a growing number of conditions. Moreover, many studies are currently in progress to prove the already widely accepted benefits of garlic.
benefits of garlic pills

Garlic Pills For Good Health

Many of the health benefits of garlic can be enjoyed by taking garlic in pill or capsule form. These are convenient and allow you to take advantage of the garlic even if you are not a fan of its strong flavour.

Garlic Pills For Good HealthBecause of its notorious smell some garlic products are manufactured to be odourless. This process, however, ends up making the garlic less effective. For this reason, it is best to consider garlic supplements (pills and capsules) that have been coated to stop them from dissolving in the mouth or in the stomach’s strong acids. They dissolve instead in the intestine where nutrient absorption mainly takes place.

Dosages vary depending on the condition being treated, and can range from 300 mg taken 3 times daily (a total of 900 mg) to 1500 mg divided into smaller doses and taken throughout the day. Higher dosages are sometimes used, especially in the treatment of high blood pressure. Here is a list of benefits derived from the use of garlic supplements.

  • There is evidence to show that garlic is a superior antimicrobial agent, fighting the effects of fungi, viruses and bacteria.
  • Garlic may be used to treat hardening of the arteries and helps to reduce high blood pressure.Levels of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood are also reduced by consumption of garlic. For these reasons, garlic is indicated as having beneficial effects in lowering the risk of heart diseases, heart attacks and strokes. In fact, some studies reveal that garlic’s effectiveness in this area compares favourably to the effectiveness of regular medications.
  • Garlic is used in the prevention and treatment of breast, colon, rectal and prostate cancer
  • Polyphenols in garlic help to prevent inflammation in the body and it reduces muscle soreness. In this way, garlic can provide relief from inflammation-related conditions such as arthritis.
  • It helps to lower blood sugar levels and thus is beneficial to persons with diabetes.
  • Persons who frequently suffer from colds and bronchitis can benefit greatly from the effects of garlic. It reduces the frequency of the common cold and the risk of upper respiratory tract infections.
  • Garlic reduces breast pain, menstrual pain, premenstrual syndrome and lumpy breast tissue in cases of fibrocystic breast disease.
  • It assists in weight loss as it increases endurance for physical activities, detoxifies the body, eliminates fat from cells and has very effective diuretic properties.
  • Garlic works as an antioxidant to stop cell damage caused by free radicals. In so doing, it can slow the onset of age-related illnesses. These include cognitive decline conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, which result from this type of cell damage. Garlic also reduces the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Garlic may be taken internally to prevent tick bites.

You can purchase garlic pills at most pharmacies, drug stores, health food stores and supermarkets. Ensure you read the dosage instructions on the supplement you buy and talk to your doctor before beginning on a garlic regimen to rule out any existing medical conditions that may be of concern.

Other Precautions

Garlic increases the risk of bleeding and may lead to prolonged bleeding after surgery. It is advised that you stop taking garlic supplements about 2 weeks prior to a scheduled operation.

Taking too much garlic can lead to stomach upset, vomiting and diarrhoea. Also, since the garlic is released on your sweat, you might end up smelling like garlic whenever you perspire.

Women who are breast-feeding, pregnant or plan to become pregnant should first consult with their doctor before taking garlic supplements on a regular basis.

Garlic may interact with some forms of medications, increasing or decreasing their intended effects or side effects. For example garlic supplements may increase the effects of blood thinners leading to greater chances of bruising and bleeding.

If you are intrigued by the many benefits of garlic but are wary to try it because of its overpowering smell, then using garlic tablets is right for you. You get all the goodness garlic has to offer without having to put up with the smell or worry that you will end up with garlic breath!

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